SH (1982 / Florida)

Please Remember Me

I stand and wait here patiently for you to remember me,
I saw her name on your phone and it felt like the death of “we”.
Please remember.
Remember our laughs, remember our smiles,
Remember our hopes and our dreams.
Remember our love.

I hurt for you every single day,
I have tried to get you to remember in every single way.
Please remember.
Remember our vacations, remember our holidays,
Remember our movies and our songs.
Remember our love.

I hear your evasiveness about your plans and I know what’s going on,
I want so bad for you to remember our special, sacred bond.
Please remember.
Remember our secrets, remember our dedication,
Remember our hugs and our kisses.
Remember our love.

I’m waiting for you to remember.
Please remember.
Remember our passion, remember our tears,
Remember our forgiveness and our trust.
Remember our love.

Remember I love you, remember you love me,
Remember we can do this.

Please remember me.

by Stacey HudakGrant

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