Please Smile For Me

A hobo so cute, so gorgeous in stature,
When could we see them, in the near future?
I don't need to wait, for I found him now.
First glance, and I was wowed.

You're from Hawaii, a Fil-Am, that is.
And you're a rookie, I'm sure about this.
12 years my senior, and from a different world,
Where my shouted feelings could never be heard.

When I hear your voice so sweet, dear love,
I feel like an angel from above.
It makes my heart beat faster, yes,
And alleviates all cumbersome stress.

Among the things I see in you,
The one I love most is not painted in blue.
It's your killer smile, so seldom seen,
Which makes my heart melt or turn into steam.

What's the magic that you're working on me?
'Cause my feelings are not what it used to be.
You occupy my mind reserved for one,
And who's next to you in my heart? None.

Infatuation, yes, it could be that,
The feeling that turns me into a selfish brat.
But no, I think it's a lilliputian crush,
That's why I don't wanna rush.

Whatever feeling this may be,
There's just one thing, a request, actually.
Please smile for me, my dear Jared,
And I'll be off in peace. Enough said.

[dedicated to 589.]

by emmanuelle sanders

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