Please Tell Me

Please tell me, Dear Poem Reader,
Does my Poetry really smell?
I wish to become Rich and Famous,
Do I have A snow-balls chance in hell?

To have my humble little words
Read by the multitude of many.
If only to hear them, one day say,
Talent? He had not any!

I will try with all my might
To give my words to you,
And put them in a pleasing form,
To invoke emotions, (one or two) .

What Say You, Dear Poem Readers?
Should I put my words in Print?
Will I earn a healthy paycheck
Or will I fail to pay the Rent.

It would be Fun to, Pub & Sell,
And have my Dreams Come True.
Do I go ahead and 'DO-IT',
Or, Do I stay here in this GLUE?

by Sirpheno The Knight

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