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Please Tell Me You Love Me……

I often wonder - how did this start?
A look from you, a comment from me, imagination, innuendo and flattery all played a part.
Do you remember when I came to your office – my pulse started racing and I couldn’t say a word?
I rushed upstairs to do my list – God I felt a nerd,
I wanted to cry, I wanted to die, I think about it now and I wince
But you brought me Maltesers and made me smile, as you have done a thousand times since.

Our friendship was turbulent, a roller-coaster ride
You didn’t trust me one iota no matter how I tried,
You thought I was a femme fatal, a tart, a bit of a floosey
Consider yourself lucky, ‘cos on acquiring friends I’m very, very choosey.
But that all changed the day you gave me a little box filled with CD’s, sweets and roses
You hugged me like you meant it and I tingled from my head down to my toesies.

You’ve encouraged me, inspired me and given me the confidence to run,
For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart – I didn’t know it would be so much fun.
I’ve chased you around L H, I must be stoopid in the head
If I had to run to save my life then I would surely be quite dead,
I do it for just a moment or two, alone with you, but how I wish you were a biker
I’d cycle with you to the end of the earth just to see you clad in lycra.

You make me laugh when work becomes a drag
You are funny, quirky, crazy, round the bend, completely barking mad.
You send me comical emails - worms and worzels and demolition job, distract me from my working
And ‘those eyes’ are still staring at me - accusing me of shirking.
We are surrounded by Numpties – it’s them we have to blame
But I suppose we should be thanking them ‘cos they make us look sane.

We fantasise to escape – a little light relief
I’m usually in my trenchcoat with little underneath,
We sail away on a beautiful yacht around the Island of Capri
It’s always at sunset - we’re not wearing much and drinking G & T.
I’ve told you about my fantasy to ‘One Day’– that surely is the best,
I’m too embarrassed to tell you more, ‘cos it’s so naughty, as I think you have probably guessed.
Often I lie awake in my bed
Dizzy, with all this nonsense spinning around in my head,
Then when I finally get to sleep it’s broken by a dream
You with a Mr Whippy is a reoccurring theme

Wherever I go, whatever I do, everything reminds me of you -
Running, sailing and even (watching your hairy orange cousins on) a day trip to the zoo,
It’s driving me insane - I think I’m going crazy
It’s also everything I eat from ice cream to chicken Jalfreizi.
And I think of you when I see the moon
And every song playing on the radio seems to be a significant tune.

I love your cheeky grin and I could listen to you for hours – no matter what it’s about
Even when it’s quite mundane like “it takes a hundred days to grow a brussel sprout, ”
When you look at me with those cool green eyes…. I melt, and then I wonder –
Does he –
Feel the same as me? Oh God - I’ve gone so warm and fuzzy!
My gorgeous friend, you know how much you mean to me – I don’t have to say
You are the sunshine on every rainy day,
And I don’t expect you to say how you feel – with men that’s a rule of thumb
But please tell me you love me……..a little bit, and you’re not just obsessed with my bum!

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