Please Walk Away

You’ve had the safety of my heart for far too long
The time has come where we go it on our own
Find your own path
Let your heart find a new home.

The time has come for me to cut these ties
And to move on without you clouding my heart
I need to wake each morning without my first thoughts being of you
I need to make a new start

It would be so much easier if I had someone new
Someone else in my heart
Someone that WAS NOT you

But I don’t and I’m finding it hard
I can’t let go
Now you hold all the cards!

So I am asking you to please walk away & don’t turn round
For if you do I fear I will not hold my ground
Don’t call, don’t text, don’t contact me anymore
Else each new day it’s what I will be hoping for

I really need you to break away
I need to get on my own way
There will be days I’ll regret this request
But in the long run I know it’s what’s best

I cannot continue this way
Surely there is more to life than living like this every day
Because before I know it, another year will have gone
With me pining for you and all that is lost

So please I am asking you, no begging you, walk away and don’t look back
For if you do my resistance will crumble and my heart will take you back


Comments (3)

This is full of feeling and brave, showing others (really, strangers) the inner working of your heart and love. A poem, I think, written as much for yourself as for its subject. S x
What a heartfelt plea, I feel the pain when you wrote this but you penned it beautifully and strongly too. I hope you get some reprieve and your heart gets time to heal, a way forward whatever that may be. HG: -) xx
That is a strong poem I like it, again you put your heart down on paper your words tell the strugel you fight with your heart and your mind lovely poem Did he walk away? ? was you strong? ?