IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Please Youreslf

I think that ladies should ignore
The dictates of the fashion trade
The doubtful claims of haute couture
by so called experts often made.

A wise lady will choose her clothes
to show her assets at their best.
Not as the expert all suppose
to look exactly like the rest.

Dress to suit your face and figure
There is no need to buy in haste
clothes which make your rivals snigger.
Have faith in your own good taste.

Women come in many shades
different shapes and different sizes.
Mature matrons and slim young maids.
Every one that some man prizes.

A well dressed women who stands out.
Knows full well what she’s about.
She won’t let the experts tell her
how to dress to please her feller.

Some women have good fashion sense
but many lack the confidence
to tell the experts to get lost.
They can dress well at half the cost.

Fashion labels may sell clothes
but only silly girls suppose.
Only the latest style will do.
When obviously it is not true.

Suit yourself in the way you dress.
Choose the clothes that will suit you
If you do you will impress
in the way you ought to do.

Let all the fashion gurus prate
But don’t believe a word they say.
You know that you will look great
when you dress in your own way

Fashions come and fashions go.
You know when you’re looking good
What do the so called experts know? .
Ignore them as you know you should.


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Comments (2)

Gooood advice to the ladies Ivor! ! Great poem ! ! *10*! ! Best regards Friend Thad
Oh, I do Ivor, and the fashions of today I wore when I was pregnant, so I certainly don't want to venture down that road at my age. Ha! It's a throw away world now, sadly, and smartness has gone out of the window. Clashing colours and clashing designs are the rule of the day and no one looks good in them that's for sure. A great write about something we mature ladies know only too well, that trying for the 'Label' is a waste of time as it is always on the inside of the garment anyway.! ! ! ! ! ! ! Love and hugs Ernestine XXX