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Pleasure In Agony

The mind thinks about what the heart feels.
The heart feels what the mind thinks.
How then do we judge an exaggerated ear,
When a mind and heart are heard out of fear.

Are we fools then to depend on our eyes,
When a heart and mind have been judging lies?
Who or what then shall we believe in,
When all we hear is, if it's pleasure it's sin?

Thinking of where this began, I thought of hand.
Because it touched something not mine,
I wanted it, and now I'm a swine.
Lonely is the word in the world that be.
Someone in this world must please see me.

Agony is the wanting of something, and having it deleted.
Pleasure is in having that agony momentarily defeated.

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your sentiments speak truth about lies in disguise..our minds..hearts..souls do see we refuse to believe..to be able to write this takes the pain out of agony..so write the healing you need