Pleasure Of Touch

I have try to be your life.
But didn’t.
You have make me your foe.
I have try to be your pulsation-
but didn’t-
You have throw me very far when was very dark.
I have try to be very close of you-
But you have make a wall
Between you and me.
There have so many moss,
They’re living dangerous warms and insect.
You have made me defeat for them.
I have try to be your bed,
Where you can sleep safely,
but didn’t.
You have teared all of my thing,
Which I have put in that bed of roses.
Now you find your pleasure of touch,
Where have sin and greedy mind,
here love and affection is very vile.
But now also my heart wants to wait there
Long Long time.
If your any days or any moment in dark night
Remember about me and if you come back.....!

by Shahin Mallik

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