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Pleasure To Death
VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Pleasure To Death

Sever that very means, to which I so breathe
In a blood lust damnations, scorn to relieve
Reach up and tear vessels, a soul unbound
Make me feel what it is, to die without sound

As there isn’t air in my lungs; cry your name
An agony of pleasure, to drive me so insane
I can feel you breeding, throughout me inside
An agony of your touch, something I can’t hide

Burning my already, scorched thoughts again
I am such that my very defences, are so slain
Able for you to tear into me, for your luxury
Of my body and design, so caught in slavery

Fuel the rage and never, vent the frustration
Always hanging the edge, without conclusion
Making me so drunk, with a desire for you
As lit like a fire inextinguishable, yet very true

So in these flames, take me again and again
And unleash your poison, to pollute the vein
Let you stricken, me inside and burn so free
Like the acid of your kiss; the scars all to see

Writhe around as you, invade in me so freely
Trapped and unconsidered, you exercise ability
To have me at your knees, and beneath duress
Of the rape reaping, of this seductions success

Riding me without care, of agony you so do
Kissing me until my lips, turn to colours blue
And as my skin the canvas, of your many scars
My expression left, to envision that of stars

Can’t escape this web, you’ve so woven tight
As does your body feels, when forth this insight
Every curvature brings me closer, to this death
Even that so exhausted, in a lovers’ final breath

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