Pleasures Of The Skin

give me a love to turn away
another hopeless cause
anohter defiled way
to keep me from running to you
a saint to my eyes
as you turn and watch me die
as a lamb taken for sacrifice
by a sweet and simple vice

give me the pain
so ill draw you near
keep me chained by your side
till my soul has finally died
turn me empty,
keep me till im lost
rain is the tears down my face
force me to dance
in a falsehood of romance

you gave me enough sorrow
to foresee that i cling to tomorrow
another breathless day in pain
and you withdraw your power to save
darling, send this child to the grave
sickening sweet
is this heart beat
as you torment me with guilt
till the message begins to wilt
in the fading edges of my mind
let the devil take my skin
ill remorse with his joy
a used corpse to a marvelous boy
and so comes a joy birthed from sin
he takes these pleasures to my skin
and kills the light that burns inside
but i believe i already died
wiht the simple sight of you
and the longing that you never knew

a walking corpse
this man residing in me of course
opinions strangle my veins
the edges fade from the pain
and he takes me over again
with the pleasures of the skin
the pleasures from sweet sin
so deep inside my skin

by Kathryn Garner

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