JS (december 12,1978 / bandar sakti north sumatra)


in you i found a full-blown love
thru the pure feeling of my heart
missed it for ages within you i got
charming, stunning and living
that's you are.. my beloved God's fine-art

you always are the boon of mine
among the iffy life i am being in
chin me up with everything is pink
flit with me from star to star
to the idyllic cloud nine where you're supposed to be

floundering.. i am standing by the heaven yard
waiting for a hand of yours
taking me while staring at with some mirth

a plethora of sweet words you've uttered
a plethora of dreams you've shared
a plethora of hopes you've promised
and a plethora of loves you've given me
I am whispering my way......

this poem is specially made just for my beloved arrow Nisha!

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Rudyard Kipling


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