After all these times
I am standing here right by your side
After all this pain you caused me
After all these tears you made me shed
After all these years you abandoned me
After all these lies you have told me
After all this jealousy you made me feel,
when you did not care about me
I held you in my arms with a love untold

After all this *$#* you made me go through
I know you have so much more to do
But I still love you as my own eyes
As my lonely angel in the sky
I remember when you used to come to my dark night
making every thing just look soo bright
and now I admit that I am honestly and blindly in love with you
I adore you baby till the end of time
and I wanna stay by your side till the day that I die
I know you don't want anything from me
but I know someday you will realize that I am the one that you need

by Lost Soul

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