Welcoming Tears Of Tomorrow

Yesterday’s tears cannot be forgotten
But the tears of tomorrow will soon overcome them
Whether drowned in a teardropp or sheltered for warmth,
A heart that knows no tears
Leaves perspective undiscovered and understanding improbable
The first few drops are trailed by dry rain
So willingly embrace the offerings of the sky
…Welcoming tears of tomorrow

by Manny Negron

Comments (4)

Turn, plow, the clods For new thunder. Turn under, plow, Turn under.
'Turn under, plow, My trouble; Turn under griefs And stubble.' what wonderful lines, loved them, so much wisdom stems from watching listening interacting with nature, when time accumulated in nature sows wisdom seeds
Beautiful poem. Don't know if the poet meant stumble instead of stubble on the last line of the 1st stanza.
Succinct, sincere... we all feel this way at times.