Plum In Cheek (Herbert Nehrlich's Rhyming Comp) .

“He spoke with a plum in his mouth” She said
As if to imply that he was well bred
Though if you were fooled, you’re easily led
But it brought me to asking this question instead

Why do we say “He spoke with a plum”?
Why not a strawberry or current bun?
What about apple, banana or pear?
At the end of the day, does anyone care?

Has anyone tried to speak with a plum?
I did and must say, it’s not easily done
You slobber and spit and drawl at the jowls
You can’t get your mouth around any vowels

At each new attempt you splutter and spray
As the fruit and your tongue get in the way
So at last to the plum, your mouth must succumb
And its flesh you devour, though a tad sour
But wait just one minute; I’ll give you a tip
For it’s awfully important
Don’t swallow the pip!

Scarborough Gypsy

by Scarborough Gypsy

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I like this Gypsy! Good point too - why the hell is it 'plum' and nothing else! Perhaps plum were expensive? ! Moyaxx
Another classic Scarborough Gypsy rib-tickler. Great write, very witty
Tee-hee! Here's a nice little early morning giggle! Hey Gyps, have you read Mary Nagy's one? Give it a whirl - it's seriously funny! Meanwhile, I've done a late entry for the 'Whoever Would Have Guessed? ' challenge. Give that a whizz as well, if you're willing. With warmth, Gina.