I am not what anyone ever wanted to be
Just look at me
I am not what you would like to see
Just listen to me
Because the day that it's over
May be my release
From being as empty
As I don't want to be

I don't feel like anyone wanted to feal
I doubt I'm real
My soul is a wound that refuses to heal
I'm not allowed to be real
Because the second I recognize
All you tried to steal
Will be the second I remember
Who convinced me not to feel

You had my heart in your control
But on my own I ate it whole
You still had strings attached to it
But I spat it out with your bullshit
You dyed my heart as black as coal
But I can clean it like my soul
You held the blade against my skin
I took it well and plunged it in

by Newo Enec

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