Poe Poem

You are Edgar Allan Poe
Your writings are very low
You killed an old man with piercing eyes
And never let him says his good byes
You stabbed a cat for eating a bird
To me this just sounds utterly absurd
Then you killed your wife
And you took her life with an ax
You buried her body in a wall
Until one day the police came to call
Looking for her corpse
And just when things looked at its best
Your guilt had forced you to confess
Once while you were napping
A raven came to your door tapping
Tapping at your chamber Door
Until that bird was no more
Your writing is as dark as a starless night
No where to be seen in it is there any light
You brought up different kinds of writers
And in reading your stories reminds many of spiders
In your time this just seemed silly
But it is now normal and considered to be wily
All the characters you play
All the things you have made them say
Are greatly eye catching
And leave us with a head that we are scratching
Wonder what is to come next
We never quite know what to expect
You are an exceptional poet
And everyone ought to know it
In writing you are my hero
And will for ever be my favorite weirdo

by BlackXWhiteFeathers Raven Mendez

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