The Whole World Is Crazily Burning ****** - يحترق العالم كله بشكل جنوني ///

ليست وحدها حلب التي تحترق بل يحترق العالم كله حولنا بشكل واضح, حلب هي شمعة تمهد الطريق لتلك الحرية الموعودة التي انتظرناها لزمن طويل بفارغ الصبر و بشكل عاجل, اذا كانت عيون العالم عمية فأن عيوننا تحدق في كل الحقائق, اننا نصلي لله ان يساعد و ان يمد العون لحلب لأجل كل تلك الفوضى التي تستمر بشكل جنوني, سيرى ميلاد جديد غدا لحلب جديدة __________________________________________________________________________________________


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I have read your 'Poem 1' about a dozen times but your style and language would not allow me to understand it. I read poetry for enjoyment which I hope to get in your next. Regards.
Took my breath away, so to speak. I am enamored beyond words, most literally, as half of what he is dictating is an English of a sort that I am less than familiar with. But the form and structure, flesh and bone behind Mr. Spencer's episode is one that relieves and burdens one with sadness and inspiration. This poem is one of immaculate process, and highly respect the author. Well played, Master Spencer!
He singeth best who loveth best The tunes that a heart soulfully bringeth For the true poet or for the true singer Music and songs inner bliss always do giveth............ I welcome all ye poets who readeth this to my page too........
Interestingly a smart language and write...the poet addresses his early nuns cum teachers to help him sing alone on his love to the woods that would respond answering him....very poetic
Spenser is addressing The Muses, the daughters of Zeus and the goddess Mnemosyne. The poem has not been modernized, but even so, it is interesting how modern Shakespeare seems to Spenser: 'Oh truant muse, what shall be thy amends/For thy neglect of truth in beauty dyed./ Both truth and beauty on my love depends, /So dost thou too, and therein dignified.' ('truth in beauty' is the Youth of The Sonnets) .
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