4 Letter Word

I once talked to a man
Who said love was but a 4 letter word
“That’s all it is, you say?
That seems shallow and absurd.”

He laughed at my reply
And looked me in the eyes
“It’s just a 4 letter word you see,
A 4 letter word like ‘glee’.
It means nothing more
Than ‘seed’ or ‘door’
‘Cause it’s just a 4 letter word.”

I thought for a moment
At the words he said.
But what he meant
Made no sense in my head.

“But love is a feeling that stays
Not just a word you say
It comes straight from your heart,
It’s not as simple as ‘line’ or ‘cart’
So why would you mention
What seems a deception
Of this 4 letter word? ”

His eyes sparked a light
As he listened to me speak
I gazed, confused, at the man,
Not sure what to think.

“A dozen people I’ve met,
And they all have their minds set
That what I say is true,
But love means something to you.
Thank you for having some heart,
And not just agreeing from the start,
‘Cause love is more than a 4 letter word.”

by Kayla Roberts

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