CA (08/11/1980 / Los Angeles, California)

Poem #6

Sitting in the fag club
fifty cent drafts
the skid row bums flock to West Temple
perched outside the bars
waiting for a drunken tipper
those gargoyles of poverty
my insatiable lust for a good drink
my unquenchable throat
my gay best friend
also an alcoholic
iggy pop on the radio
the clatter of pool balls
the neon smoke
the raspy voice of the bartender
who has breathed too much
of that neon smoke
who will tell
that queer love is not
the radio changes
fifty cent is playing
fifty cent on the radio
fifty cent drafts
can you spare a quarter?
that is half of fifty cents
i don't mind life, even though
i'm not too good at it
a new generation of drunken poets
meet up
with an old generation
of drunken bums
i gave him a dollar, and
told him to
go inside, buy a beer
and play a happy song on
the jukebox.
Club Naked

by Carl A.I.

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