CA (08/11/1980 / Los Angeles, California)

Poem #95

Strange, odd, weird
as my body aches from the constant
I can not move; my body
being moved by known
The grip of loss
has gripped me so violently.
If you hold something so fiercely,
your hand will tremble.
I lie
in bed, unable to move.
I feel like a discarded winter glove
who no longer swings freely
on the hand it loves.
Now the only face that smiles upon me
is that of Orion,
the hunter,
I am now the hunted.
I lie in darkness.
But, I love in the light.
You are the only wind strong enough
to put out my eternal flame,
the flame of love.
You are a powerful, damp wind;
one that should be looked away from.
I looked upon you;
at the insidious cyclones
you produce.
Tonight, I don't want to sleep like a baby!
I want to sleep like
an aborted fetus.
A fetus without feeling;
one that died
before it ever knew the abstraction(s)
of love.
And now let a new wind blow my way;
the wind of change.
a wind that whispers
to me
all the voices of the Buddha.
I am alone now and you are without
I feel pain while
pleasure pricks
every one of
your sensitive nerve endings.
Your clitoris.
How I long for you!
How I mam not him, but I am
only me.
Call on me in the morning
and I will be born
The bright light; the white light
shines in my bedroom window
through dusty, baby blue
slits in blinds. I can say you will never
see me again; even though we live
in the
same city.
I can honestly say that.

by Carl A.I.

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