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Poem About Poetry - Let My Poem
JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Poem About Poetry - Let My Poem

let my poem
be like the abrupt rain
that strikes you with its cold
chills you to the bone
let my poem
be like the intermittent rain
that comes down in all manners
from that slight drizzle
to the persistent drops
that ache the skin
and the thunderstorm
lightings, bolts of thunder and all
in all intensities
war of the gods
sighs, roars and ra tat tat

the rain....
light, heavy, slanted,
trailing the north wind

let my poem be the
waft of fragrance from
mom's favourite cuisine
that precipitates
pangs of hunger
to taste the real thing

let my poem be
the sudden lurches of pet cat
or dog to your laps
as you step into the house
meowing and yelping
licking you in the face and fingers

let my poem be like
the first love letter you got
from secret love,
all the niceties, heartfelt words
that sought a passage to your heart

let my love be like
valentine blooms
that swarm your table
all the fresh red roses
that bow to you as you
search your way through
for the name that really matters

let my poem be, let my poem
be like the historic
tale of romeo and juliet
a broken love that
burns the heart through
all the generations

let my poem be anything
but the words that string
the real experiences of my world, your world
words that bring us to a new dimension of growth
of love, hate, jealousy.......in all intensities

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