Autograph Muse Acrostic Name Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins an author
Author of sexually romance novels
Collins Joan her sister an actress not the author
kind person with 29 novels
indeed, a moment in time is reality with Jackie's novels
eternity is but a moment, in reality, with an author.

Collins a famous last name
over the top performance within sexy novels is her game
Live life within laughter of love of an author's game
Love life within laughter of a writer's name.
Indeed, for writing is a life within itself creating making dreaming a game.
Never gave into doubt when playing the writing game
sex, silly is part of laughter's game

by Clinton Siegle

Comments (3)

This is all too true, John, and well-stated. Raynette
Love this piece John, so finely written. HG: -) xx
Well said John.The last stanza captures the piece well.