Misunderstanding Our Mum

Once again it happens to us
lose temperament rushes out
in just a matter of sudden burst
voices racing as hated arguments
in reply to refexes of bad thoughts
about being neglected at some points.

Mother knows best is a norm
often true yet sometimes not so
rare issue that a mum's instinct fails
almost always her inclings happen
got to believe her words or feel sorry
afterall she is our mum who loves us.

Best times we have with mums
reckoning moments we often miss
and yet we insist to assert our views
to test her pride cannot be an excuse
of hurting her thru misunderstanding.

by Marvin Brato Sr

Comments (6)

Water-coloured emotions but with a great impactful ending. Thanks for posting it.
Scenic presentation... My childhood memories...
exotic and flexible. keep writing! ! !
My daughter is named Maya.
the belearic islands, where the rich and trendty get drunk and even piss themelves
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