MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Poem For The Sorely Tested

Beside the telephone
a full-size, professional
real leather
on a hefty, weighted
non-shift stand
and with a substantial

inscribed in fine gold lettering
'I am sent to try you'

that deals with
the human
and the divine

(For Tara)

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Comments (2)

Tee hee hee.. now if only I had one of those - relating to your previous poem and my comment - if I had one of those by my bed, hmmn, anybody could be sure that when I cried 'oh lord' it would not be a response to automated answering services..... clever M. t x
Knowing the source of this writing, I know Tara needs a punching bag right about now, and I, personally, hope she gives it a real workout in order to release her tensions! Good thought, Mr. Wisdom!