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Poem Hunter King

Poem By tiyler durden

As I sit and ponder all the poems in this place
A great smile grows across my face
your all nothing, I am king
The angel fallen from grace.

See me sitting in my throne
You are by my feet, my little demon drones.
I feed you as and when I stroke one on my lap
You scower and lower by my feet, You feed from my scraps.

Remember my little demon kids
I am the name upon your children's lips
I am the monster that bites and barks
And comes and gets you in the dark! !

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Comments (1)

Well, You probably intended this to be mean but really, this is a good poem. I might not agree with the theme (?) but, you do have talent Tiyler. I'm surely not your demon drone but, I'll give credit where credit is due. It's a good poem. (a little creepy....) Sincerely, Mary