Poem I Write

Poem By Tirupathi Chandrupatla

Poem I write's
Built up like
A structure
Using ideas
I gathered
Over time
Arranging and
Rearranging words
In forms
That I feel
Are appealing
Hoping that
Feel the same
Writing a poem's
Out of need
To deliver
A feeling
Of responsibility
It provides me
With a sense
Of fulfillment.

Poem I write's
Not all mine
Ideas always
Existed for years
Others thought
About the same
And wrote
Elegantly before
In beautiful words
Which I learnt
Poets of past
And present
Provided me
With guidance
And inspiration
They left me
With forms
That are models
For me to follow
I just imitate
The patterns.

What I consider
As mine
Is in fact
Not mine
I owe a great deal
To my fellow poets
My role models
And to my society
I wish to express
My sincere gratitude
To one
And all.

Comments about Poem I Write

Beautiful poem on poems. Yes, very true said, we all are indebted to the poets from the past as well as to all those whom we took inspirations from...I loved reading each lines.
Everyone is under this debt of gratitude.... You and I. We build on what is extant.... borrowing from others and imitating those whom we deem worthy of imitation...... in a style perhaps unique to us! Beautiful sentiments nicely expressed!
A beautiful poem indeed.Really, it is created by you but for all.
....................very nice.....and a wonderful expression of gratitude....I enjoyed reading this one

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