Poem No: 09. O My Little Princess, Next To Deity!

O my little princess, next to deity!
How can I express your charm and beauty?
You are an angel or a nice fairy.
When I see you, I get freed from worry.

When to speak and smile, you expose your teeth
Or to come towards me, you move your feet,
I do find in you my little Goddess
And my heart brims with extreme happiness.

Whenever you do start playing with me,
I can regain my childhood easily.
When I get your affection and nearness
I can relieve myself of pain and stress.

O my dearest, the sign of purity!
You are a gift sent by the Almighty.

By Dipankar Sadhukhan
Kolkata, India.
'Beauty and Truth in Love', No: 9
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by Dipankar Sadhukhan

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