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Poem No.20 Is For One J. W. But Then So Was Poem No.1
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Poem No.20 Is For One J. W. But Then So Was Poem No.1

Ah…I thought as much!
And so it has come

to this pretty pass
you have invaded the pages of my poetry.

Colonizing the entire page
with nothing but your kisses and caresses.

From poem No.1 to poem No.20
it’s you!

Yes you!
Janice Windle!

There is nothing I can do and I would not want to do anything about it
even if I could!

Except surrender to my fate.
& I have faith that my fate will be in you.

Don’t deny it!
You are my love

becoming every poem
I write

file after file
invasion of my body

And oh what you do
to my hard drive.

Please please please please
Don’t ever delet me.


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Comments (3)

I must say I am indeed fortunate to have met this jewel of a person...online... and I am impressed by all I see... May you be the requited dream of all her longings!
LOL! ! ! What I love most is your absolute surrender to this thing called love! ! ! Never fight it.... and we should all pay heed to this..... HG: -) xx
Love it! Love rules, Ya! Amazing how much. thanks steve