Poem Of A Lifetime

I hope it's spring that I'll first see
The naked light of day,
When God may grant me one more life
To wash my sins away.

And pray, I do, my first few years
Are filled with love and care.
And hope, I do, my mom and dad
Will always be right there.

I wish that when I come to be
A teenage soul again,
I hope that I may find someone
To someday be my friend.

And when I get to be grown up,
A woman, or a man;
I hope to love each one as much
As any other can.

And then if I, when older still,
Find fortune and/or fame;
I pray that I shall not forget
When friends might call my name.

And if, by chance, the winds of life
Bring sorrows to my door;
I hope that I'll not turn from Him
As I have done before.

It's then, when I have lived enough
To know His name to call;
I may just come to see my life
As worthwhile after all.

And just before I make my way
To that celestial shore;
I hope that God will say, 'Enough,
You shall return no more.'


Comments (8)

wow... a great poem indeed... The words, the expression, the deep meaning are just awesome... ^-^
your words so full of wisdom and years of brilliance. your work, I feel, will always touch the lives of others and will be remembered as others have been before.
The theme of renewal in spring for a life on earth, and celebrating that with great spiritual awakening, as you grow from a child in all stages is like a new living itself. The simplicity of diction is heartwarming Wolf.10
True worship of the heart. A wondrous prayer of an enlightened soul for good of man and Nirvana for self. CP
Triumphantly bittersweet yet very hopeful! ! ! ! If I could vote you would gotten ten plus many stars! ! ! ! ! ! ! Faith, Hope And Love make the world go around! ! ! !
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