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We Have Mice
BG Bill Grace ( / )

We Have Mice

We have mice in the bedroom,
the living room, kitchen and the loo.
I have even found one in the bathroom sink.
They come in all sorts of colours
red, green, purple, blue and pink.
They all belong to our cat family,
Arthur, Barney, Charlie and Daisy.
They leave them all over the house,
even hide them in our shoes and under the mats.
Sometimes they take them to bed
when they are lying on ours.
We have mice, mice and more mice,
ain’t life grand when your kitty winks have fun
and you suffer at their paws.
However, we would not be without them,
as all cat lovers know.

11 January 2011

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Your name, Mr. Grace is well inherited! Your poem reminds me of 'Everyman' which has a similar message, ending that only your good deeds can accompany you to your death (I hope that's true) . Yes, that climb is what we mortals should try to enjoy, as the summit is ever farther away. Linda