MB (February 4,1989 / )

Poem Of The Broken Hearted

I’m just a girl who has a broken heart
its hard to start
when you don’t love me anymore
do I feel such a bore,
I don’t wanna be in the body anymore
I’m sick of it,
my soul wants to fly free
away from the pain and the anger that i feel
I still love you but you have moved on
still loving the ones that you loves
let you spirit fly about
sick of crying
wondering why you fucked it up
you may never know
maybe it was ment to be
sick of crying
wondering why it ended the way it did
sick of it all
want to go home
want to go back to how it once was
when you were happy
when nothing could go wrong
looking forward to each day
now not wanting to wake up
not wanting to go through with it again
over and over
wishing you could go to sleep and not wake up till its all over
not wanting to see what it will hold the next day in hand
sick of crying indeed I am
whatever I felt has died ill never get it back
i want you to still love me
too late I guess
now I’m stuck with old memories
and reminders of what once was
never to return
never again
wishing I could stop crying
the tears just flow
over and over
I want to sleep and not wake up till everything is over

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Nice poem. Very striaght to the point and your words are simple. good effort..