Poem 'Peyton Place' Hunter

Poem By Sandra Osborne

Are we cats or poets here?
It looks like it’s the first.
Poem Hunter drama
And there’s so much of it.

Then there’s the trolls
With there anonymous ones,
Who make me understand
The hate in the world,
And why Poem Hunter
Is seldom fun.

But I do laugh
Sometimes with Allan
And am awed by Michael
And Janice too. And Herbert,
Even when he is angry,
Is so very, very good.

But, Peyton Place it's not
You know, it’s poetry,
And we all should see
We're all the same
With ego’s and pain
Looking for a place to grow.

Comments about Poem 'Peyton Place' Hunter

Thank you Allan, and your wise as your years. And yes, 'I seen her, I seen her...'
Thanks Michael, how true, and I needed the upbeat lines. And we'll always keep writing. It is in my blood.
Don't be too worried, Sandra, or awed (!) by this site. How many chat-groups have been ruined by a single contributor? We all love poetry. We may be tigers on the page (read between the lions heh heh) but love to curl up with a good poem, roll over like pussycats, and purr over the milk of human kindness.. Yours in awe of our webmaster who makes it all happen... and keep writing? Michael

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