AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

Poem Soul.

Ah! Curious! Curious!
The vernacular poetry in histry becomes a century.

How came? Why?
Still has not surpassed the ancient poetry,
This originally not enough meant words.
Old does not go, is new does not come.

Poem nautical mile several dead bodies,
On poem road more than several new corpses!
Alas! You are the poet?
Please do not have less advanced to step on.
He will possibly be the future poet.
You randomly step on then are the murderer,
Such tramples are jealous of other rival success!

Does not assist the new person,
It is not your crime.
He wants to lord over the poem country.
But the poetic world has become the desert.
Again long does not sprout free verse written in the vernacular,
This is you hopes?

The irrigation is the holly god duty,
You have not poured water on,
If not your applying fertilizer!
What can the poetic world turn?

(Notes: This poem was written for the Chinese poets' attention. There is some serious problem inside the poetry kingdom itself. Wishing this poem may give the Chinese poets a little reminder or advice!)

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