AC (06-04-1974 / Olsztyn, Poland)

Poem To My Favourite Critic On This Site

Do you think
There is something special
In this piece
Do you think it is something real
Or it's just a shit what I did
Please tell me
What do you think

Do you think
This is something good
Or it's just a crap
Tell me that
I need your words so much
I want to see your critic sight
To feel all right
And I know that you will come
And you will tell me this
What I miss

Tell me the true
And write another masterpiece
About me, please

by Anna Cellmer

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Comments (3)

Your poems have so much to offer. This is great controlled writing, you decided not to lower yourself to anyone else's level. A good decision, another fantastic poem. Kindest Regards Slim. x.
Anna, Excellent work! Reminds me of a piece I wrote to MY favorite critic titled 'Ode to Herb, ' but mine was written as a tribute and in honor of a brilliant man. A 10 from me. Shannon
Lovely piece Anna, you could have summed it up with two word, the latt being 'off'. Istead you chose the path of a more reasoned direction. It works so well. Such humour! Such defiance!