Poem; Today’s World

Another babe is born!
And comes into this world;
Of poverty, pain, misery, woes, drudgery;
To suffer all through life,
With grief, ensuing strife;
To sniff an air so foul,
Drink water polluted;
To eat `poisonous’ food,
And be neglected;
To be an unwanted child,
A child unloved, abused,
To be beaten and maimed,
Or sold cruelly a slave;
To labour young, unpaid;
Or tied to a camel for `race’
To be denied knowledge,
Live in ignorance, ill-health;
To sleep half-starved in noise,
Or work amongst the cinders;
To see the drunken father come late,
And beat and kick the poor mother;
To remain in the cold,
Unhuddled, chided, threatened;
To be punished with the `red-hot ‘iron;
Or kicked into the streets;
To lose its innocence early;
Be driven to prostitution;
To know that this world is bad,
To the young, old, weak, downtrodden;
To wonder if there is a GOD!
A mute spectator to crimes on earth?
It is a world so large, yet men are mean-minded;
It is a world of beauty, desecrated,
It is a world of few good men, rest cheat, lie artfully;
It is a world of some kindness, most cruel, cunning, cold, shameless;
It is a world of envy and revenge, of suppression and oppression;
It is a world of pomp and show, of power, clout and lucre;
It is a world of lust and love defiled, of infatuation and `free-sex’
It is a world of unfairness, inequality, insecurity, indifference;
It is a world of poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, of ill-health, influence, unhealthy
It is a world of affluence, white-collar crimes, of wastage, idolatry and

Dr John Celes

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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