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Poem Written In 6th Grade (This World)

Why must it be this way? ..

Pain and fear conquering each day

Why, do you fake a smile?

The only one awake,

free of denial

Why can't we let it rain

Pour the truth,

Why must the answers remain oh-so aloof

Why do we try

Why do we care

Is anyone listening?

Is anyone there?

You may ignore me,

or cast me aside

Regardless in your thoughts

is where I'll reside

A loaded gun

full with bullets

A strike, one strike

A second our less

Pulling the trigger this world is a mess

Why can't we be happy

Why must we be sad

Living in a world

that is so fucked up

so bad

Who pulled the trigger…?

Was it you or me

No it was neither

just repercussions; society

We killed our earth

mother nature herself

Hiding our tears

Killing with stealth

But what was the point?

What have we done?

Can this be the truth

the truth which we shun

Ending it all

though it's just begun

What is next

the moon or the sun? !

Why can't we admit?

Just give it up,

just quit it!

Before it's to late

Before we send earth

to the pearly gate.

Nonetheless it must be fate….

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