Poem Yet To Be Written

When I see an empty page in my book
I think of its potential, and take another look
Could it be the one that steals your heart, a love crook
Or could it be a story of loneliness, describing whats took
its a chunk of my heart, and it has yet to return
or is this poem, about how every year we turn..
One year older, yet 1000 times different than before
I know i have changed, but this page isnt what thats for...
I'll explain later, pages 12-70.
Could this page be full of humor and laughter?
Or of Romeo and Juliet Relationships and what comes after
Could it be a rap about why they talkin about my pants and how they fitten?
It could be anything, an empty page is a poem yet to be written.
I could be layin a sick line about havin a fitted cap
Or mourning over our lost love and planning on how to get it back
I could describe the stars, the moon, or the sunset
or the fact that you look so damn beautiful in a sun dress
And how i hope adulthood never starts, i wanna be young forever
And have all my friends with me for every endeavor
So whenever i feel sad, mad, glad or like ive been had
I got my friends, a pen, and a fresh empty pad
I could go on writin about actin like a drunk irish lad
or being a night in shining armour, they'd say im iron clad
this page could explain that poetry isnt just a fad
or it could be an apology letter to my mom and my dad
I fill up pages if i feel sorry or bad
I love using my words way more than i love to subtract or add
But with my words, i add up the ways i love you, times it by the things i love about you, subtract arguments and divided by our little 'breaks', it all comes out to another hopeless, yet entirely beautiful love story....
But thats another page...
You see i could fill up lines if im full of rage
I could make one hot and spicy then season it with sage
i could rant about people or things i despise
Or the story of how i fell in love with your eyes
It could be deep and meaningful, about watches and clocks
it could be nerdy, like my undying love for xbox
It could be about a fork in the road and the path i choose
Or how excited i am about this new pair of shoes
It could be about how i tried to make you fall in love with me by sendin little clues,
Or it could be sad and regretful, bein full of the blues
It could be about a new dog, new bird, new fish or new kitten
Well, what im trying to say is..
Its no empty page, its a poem yet to be written

by Jason Murak

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probably one of my favorite poems....ever