Believe it or not;
I am a Poem Hunter
and I will not hesitate to attack.
I wallop words, every single one of
them; from tintinnabulation to LOL
and I savour poems with much
zest. I am ever-hungry, I eat
them with velocity.

I do not roar, but I speak. And that is
when you realise,
words can be more intimidating than they
could ever seem serenading you
in a monsoon of whirling dreams;
that is, Poem Hunter.

by Ballerina With Fins

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There have been many poems written about ''PoemHunter'' so I figured this was going to be similarly written. I love how you've completely put your own unique view of a ''Poem Hunter'' into this. Great way to look at the actual act of searching out and hunting for poems as we do here each day. Great poem...love the individual style! Sincerely, mary
NIcely put! I think all writers are in a sense.
Very unique way of expressing the zest of poets