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Poem By will fos

Poemhunters Public Notice
Just to say
The Fosters,
William and Kathleen
are stepping away.
We are moving
on to other places,
Have enjoyed this site
and meeting new faces,
although unseen- your
hearts are quite open.
We all think differently,
at times are outspoken
But poets you are
And always shall be
In our hearts and minds
and memories.
Keep the good faith,
hold true to your cause.
We’ll be cheering for
you simply because
You are honest,
forthright, with
backbones of steel.
Devoted to your art
Your passion is real.
We now take your leave
May you always be blessed
With richness of rhyme
And all this world’s best…

From the Foster’s

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Love to all poets! I love the poem, but just don't know what to say about the message... I do not like to say goodbye since our time was so short. Lee