KNR (August 28,1976 / Southern Oklahoma... )

*~*~*~*~*poemhunter's Kings And Queens*~*~*~*~*

I sit here with true amazement
As I witness the profound arts
Of Poem Hunter's Kings and Queens
Majestic hearts spreading Love and Wisdom
Allowing readers a pathway to escape
From their own feirce tribulations.

My own fears often followed by aligator tears
Many months of constant sorrow
Sometimes living day by day, moment for moment,
Often wondering if some will even see tomorrow.

I get weak, I get scared,
Not a moment is ever spared,
Just when all hopes are faded,
Dreams and wishes being traded
With unanswered questions, unsolved mysteries.

With a click f a button,
I sign on PoemHunter to read more inspiration,
Spirits are low, lights are dimmed,
Done reading the first poem
All o' sudden my heart fills at home!

You see, there's many Kings and Queens
Marking their territory on Poem Hunter's infamous land
Leaving footprints in the sands
Kings and their Queens leading new commers the way
With their sincere and generous hands!

I'll NEVER forget the day
I became a Poem Hunter, It was this May!
Instantly I was welcomed
On the front page they should create
A welcome page with a crochet heart
Enveloping love's fine words
For I stand here today REFUSING to
~~~~~FALL ~~~~~~APART! ! ! ~~~~~~

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I enjoyed your poem alot. You are a great writer. Thank you, Donna
you're an amazing poet (if i had a dollar for every time i told you that...) . oh, and get well soon...i got your back, bud. if you need a cyberhug or anything, i'll do my best (*hugs tight* feel better yet? hahaha) eni da kid
kristin, You amaze me with your poems. Please get well soon. love, Anjana
That was a great poem Kristin, I hope things get better for you.
Sweetheart, we are all sending so much love your way. Be well and be happy. Hugs Anna xxx
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