JE (08.05.1990 / )


Poems are crazy. Poems are sweet.
Poems tell us a story. They go with a beat.

Pick it up and never put it down,
poems are great and always make silent sounds.

Every word counts, they pounce on your face,
slow down and enjoy them, this ain't a race.

Poems can be fun if you make them to be,
poems are easy and so much fun, you see!

Poems are like fruit.
They are juicy and delicious.

Have a piece won't you, come in
and enjoy the word flow into your mind.

Poems are great. Poems are kind.
Poems are wicked, poems are mine!

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Poem is great, poem is kind Poem is no wicked, poem yours! Enjoyed your poem piece on poem peace, Jools...thanks...10