Reflection Of A Stranger

There is a girl I know and she follows me everyday.
Her delicate pale skin is one of natural beauty.
She has a smile that can light up the world,
and the most caring heart I have ever seen.
She is a stranger I would love to know.
I can see through her eyes though that something is stirring.
The insecurities, the pressure, and the pain are all aparent.
She would love to escape the struggles, and put to rest her tears.
Her heart is growing weary, and her mind is helpless.
I know she's silently calling for help;
for someone else to understand.
I wish she could see how much she is worth,
see the beautiful girl that everyone else sees.
But, the anguish and turmoil of every waking day have blinded her.
For never speaking to this girl, I know a lot about her.
This stranger is a mere reflection who stares right back at me.

by Amanda Orsburn

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Todd now i have some idea why i write poem's, not the whole reason this is good i enjoyed the read Kind regard's AJS
added this to my favorites. you have a gift for making the mundane subject magical. My favorite poem of yours thusfar.
Read this three times for the sheer pleasure of it: -)