Poems Are Like Scents Distilled From Fragrant Flowers.

Thorns struck deep in flesh
trickling blood.
stumbling on sharp
edged pebbles,

knees knocking........
vengeance and greed
surround like a cyclone
disturbing peace.

a world full of
cannibals pecking eye balls.
mankind has rotten
they act as wild dogs,
emanating toxic saliva.

poems, the ocean of
milk and honey
filling earth with love.
mingling of scents
distilled from fragrant
magnolias, wild jasmine and champaka.

aromatic and sweet dishes
of orient and west
songs of spiral mesmerism,
filling as wisps.
chain of crystalline emeralds, rubies
and diamonds of Africa-

poems unify minds of people
like juice of palm trees of India
floral tribute for world peace.
glistening pieces of gold
from Latin America..

by Narayana Raghavan

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