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Poems From Mexico 1999
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

Poems From Mexico 1999

Poem By Dan Quiles

In every ending there is a beginning.
The movement of 1910, started a new chapter.
Benito Juarez, a good lawyer, who fought for the indigenous.
A civil rights fighter, a biter for the truth vs the Catholic Church and injustices
The aristocrat of the great Mexico.
Long lasting inning. In every beginning there is a start of life.
To live is to consummate what the higher Source has for us.
To construct and destruct,
But produce constructively and productively.
To full fill such obligations and evolutions of life Is to be part of every ending and beginning.
To experience the moment and to enrich self from it
Is the ultimate reward to man kind.
To walk amongst the people,
Is it called freedom or is it our own imprisonment?
So many sadness, so much poverty,
So much ignorance, so much abuse, so much selfishness,
So much rejection, so much obstacles.
So many this and so many that.
But what happens when deep down within One doesn’t feel so free.
It seems like one is a sponge.
Being absorbed through an unknown force What could it be?
Could it be the forethought that dominates all our doings?
Or is it that we try to hard to be so noble
And perfect in this civilized world,
Yet, we still remain poor and ugly as a whore.
If we can call it like that.
I believe strongly that all homosapiens Looks for peace, belonging, bliss, faith,
But overly all it is a struggle to proceed and excel.
Without proper resources and reliable institutions.

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