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Poems In My Mind

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

but I won’t
punch the computer keys
to let the world
see the words
the dear souls
which inspired
my verse
would feel pain
how their lives
turned out
so different from
the internal image
they imagine
Perhaps I’m
dead wrong
but if a glimmer
of truth plunges
a heart into sorrow
I’m not living
the Greatest Vow:
Do no evil
do much good.

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Comments (3)

Charles, you have touched on a subject that has occupied me much lately. It has to do with writing and having family members see it and be....hurt? ....enraged...disappointed...and so do I let the poem slip away or print it anyhow? What to do? No one can answer for me and your poem shows that I'm not the only one to worry with it. Thanks for this.
Good use of short stripped down lines to put over a poignant message. I firmly believe poetry is an aural medium ad I always read poems out aloud rather than to myself. this poem came out sounding with natural hesitations that emphasised the poem's message that the narrator didn't really know what to do for the best.
Oh I like this. More people should consider how what they write may hurt people. Very thoughtful Charles. Sincerely, Mary