IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)


A mighty oak tree offers shade
to all who choose to rest, freely.
It’s far from any forest glade.
Standing alone in majesty.

Travellers who have rested her
have fastened to this mighty tree.
A notice board on which appear
examples of their poetry.

Some were written hastily
others prepared in advance
Some laminated properly
which can be read at first glance.

Weather worn, unreadable
the early ones which set the pace
although they are illegible
are still left carefully in place.

This is no place for graffiti
but poems written to express
their gratitude towards the tree.
A record of their thankfulness

Who built the board? Nobody knows
nor does it matter seemingly.
Mean while this fine selection grows.
The oak is now a poemtree.


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Comments (3)

Magnificent piece Ivor. As you might appreciate, I can relate to this story! Indeed your influence has called upon me to revisit my earlier efforts and rewrite them with red face. Mark
Another gem of a write Ivor! A very eloquent poem, great read! ! *10*! ! Best regards, Friend Thad
Ivor, I love the concept behind this poem, I've a similar one I wrote a while back (not on here) and it's bizarre how we leave our sentiments and thoughts carved on a tree for all to see, seems an ongoing practise here at PH towers! Great work. HG: -) xx