The Cruel Bridge Over The River Errorneous

The broad river flows fierce than an ocean.
In front of the longest bridge
Both of us at the two ends and the sign board says
Not allowed for pedestrians and only for heavy vehicles.
Our fruition is fruitless and how long we have to stand like this?
Forget the racism my sweetheart
Who made us with the same clay?
We break this primitive fundamental bridge,
Jump to the river and swim upstream.

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (172)

What a wonderful poem that has me amazed at its depth.
This poem deserves full 10 and I have voted for this.
This is great opportunity to read your 100th poem which is also placed among top 500 poems. A poet feasts on the gleam of the auburn sun. He perceives the entire universe at a glance and in deep silence he narrates the beauty of creation in his many poems. A poet always beholds a great value. This poem is definitely very nicely and excellently penned. Thank you very much.
Beautiful poem dear poetess....////thanks
On the fabric of words in befitting verse He steals away from the noisy crowd In to the stillness of the cloistered cell To dwell with Fancy's mystic charms still love this poem still I love
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