VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)


Stirred with emotion, a creative thought, an architecture for reason
Elaborations found, in the most unique and abstract form of freedom
Everything at once, to fathom a common denominated, perspective
Passionate with the embrace of language, formed, only in a want to live

Raging and sometimes loving, corresponding and sometimes wondering
Whatever may come from this, a bond is formed, of the love foundering
When the stage of every moment, analysed and embraced, to whatever end
Knowing we see the grey between, boundaries of black, white to comprehend

Touched with this heart, a mind pencils what we desire, in words of perception
Sometimes another sense is sought, to elaborate my world, further the creation
From what starts the white, becomes the drawn, literature spent upon this
To always live, the emotion, to always obey the instinct, of the creative bliss

Sensuality is felt in every touch and every reality that’s dawned upon my mind
Anger, fury, love, despair and hope, every sense practiced upon the mortal kind
A picture conjured by music, allegory sense promotes the unwrapping psychology
So, to speak of legend, myth, anthology of words released, upon the writers biology

When in this moment, caught for the time that allows, I am this character to write
The unsung song, an elaboration of the scene, set within my minds creative might
Sway, do the fingers, that, understand sensations, to be put to a language outspoken
Unfamiliar some days to what I sense and perceive, sometimes confusion, undertaken

How do I see this, why can I write this? Words of such clarity in sensations grasp
I hear orchestras, playing the rhythm to my abode, of the simplest suggested rasp
Tears fill my eyes; the power of this feeling, is beyond my inner cage to withstand
One day I may find another, to unlock the key to my creation, to help me understand?

Modern yet ethereal, another voice from afar, speaking these verses to me somehow
Is there something in me, evolving yet spirit full enough, to talk the words, not stow
Rhythms play within this soul, am I one with the world, yet unique in a vision of here
Unbridled and unchallenged, shall I write on and create song, or simply revoke fear

Too many words come, to the forefront of my mind, sometimes too much to comply
Shall I rest for now, as another verse is created, completed, that which I cannot deny
Embrace me my loved ones, for you are my hearts blood to send to this souls mind
Without your understanding, complexities and personas, I would myself, never find

I am one with the preceptors of these verses; without this comprehension I’m lost
With gratitude I take your hearts in my hands, and blend to the kindred cost
To feel my only payment that is asked is my unparalleled, unnerved, prolongation
Everyone I’ve touched has touched me; I will never stop loving you, no hesitation

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