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Poet And Poetry

They call poet
Or we call us poet
Actually what it is
Poet or poetry?
Where it is?
What it means?
Are there many forms?
How it formed?
Isn't this is kinda rule?
Why can't you create your own rules instead of following anyone!
Everyone should have their own rules
Instead of following any rules
Anyone who are famous or popular does that make you less famous?
Off whoever they are they they are
Whoever you are you you are!
Poet and poetry doesn't come in this kinda category or rules or herd if you really are poet or feel the poetry in your blood!
You just love writing whatever it's
In what way it comes
You follow in spontaneity with it
You feel it
You have every beats and bites of life in it
It has no any specification in it

by Binod Bastola

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