Poet Dragon

'Within you lurks a Poet and a Dragon.'
A phrase which carries ambience and flair.
The words of one are passionate and poison
The other one, psychotic, doesn't care

An empathy for action is one's trademark,
Except to write the poems of a loon
The other one is criminal and hardened
Awating death with fervor, sings a tune.

'Which side for you is starker than the other? '
A choice that carries consequential truth.
Decisions that you make in childhood anger
Are permanent, inseparable, uncouth.

In the end my manic self's decision,
lies wholly unrepressable and loathe.
If I must choose a path between the folly
I'd rather have the power of them both.


by Poet Dragon

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A bit brash and jumbled, but it carries support. Nice little work here.